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Friday, January 15, 2010

UHF TV Transmitter Circuit

This is design circuit for UHF transmitter circuit. The TV transmitter circuit is working on the UHF channel, 470-580 MHz frequency channel 21-34. This transmitter can radiate as far as 30-100 meters by using a cable 10-20 cm. This is the figure of the circuit.

TV transmitter requires supplies voltage of 9-15 Volt. However, you can also use 9v VDC or batteries. This is an important thing to remember for building of the TV transmitter circuit is that the dimensions of coil size to match the frequency of the desired work. The value of the spindle is making coil as follows:

L1, L2 = 3 Turns, diam. 3mm, 0.5mm wire
L3 = 2 Turns, diam. 3 mm, 0.5 mm wire


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